May 4, 2020

FaceTime Photoshoot - Taylor

I've said in the past that limitations, far from inhibiting the creative process, create the conditions within which creativity flourishes. Today was certainly a testament to this conviction. Armed with nothing but FaceTime, a camera and some household items, Taylor and I produced many beautiful images, which I would not shy away from using in my portfolio.

To be completely honest, I entered this remote portrait project with a fair degree of skepticism. Now, I see it as something that I will carry over into my commercial work. The ability to create, even while being apart from my clients, is such an incredible concept. Most importantly, the very limitations of this medium are precisely what makes it so enticing in my eyes. Every remote portrait session pushes the limits of my creativity in the most wonderful way, and I can see myself applying many of the techniques I've developed during this period to my studio and location work.