January 27, 2020

A Tool for Empowerment

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing Stephanie McKenna, a fellow photographer specializing in wedding and lifestyle work. We decided on a hybrid photoshoot, so that the end result would be a blend of images captured in both digital and film format.

I enjoyed this session, not simply because of the images we came away with, but also -- and perhaps more so -- because of the insight I came away with. A portrait can be both a mirror of who someone is, as well as a vision of who they can become, and so in this sense photography is as much a visual art as it is a tool for empowerment. To help my clients see something in themselves that they could not see before is perhaps a less tangible good than any photograph; but it is also one far more profound and enduring.

These first two portraits were captured in digital format:

Outdoor portrait of Steph using a blend of flash and ambient light.
Studio portrait of Steph.

The following set of portraits was captured using a variety of film stock and medium format cameras:

Film portrait using Ektar 100, converted to black and white.
Film portrait using Lomography 400
Film portrait using Lomography 400, converted to black and white.